The FEAST Roadmap to Exporting

February 15, 2023

Despite the immense talent in many rural and agrarian communities, food producers have historically faced obstacles when it comes to accessing global markets. Issues with language barriers, time zones and export readiness can make connecting with suitable buyers a challenge. FEAST Global is here to help! 

Working as an intermediary provider between suppliers of premium foods from all over the world and qualified culinary buyers, we make sure everyone benefits from global market opportunities without breaking sweat or losing out on potential profits!

Ready to find your perfect market match but still curious how it all works when the rubber meats the road? 

Here at FEAST Global, we’ve developed our proprietary “Roadmap to Exporting” to help you envision the journey ahead.

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  1. Agree on logistics and payment terms with buyers.
  2. Prepare your export shipments. 
  3. Get paid and ship your products. 

Wondering how logistics work?

We’ve got you covered with trusted logistics experts that are passionate about helping you succeed and have experience delivering high value food cargo around the globe. 

How do you prepare your export paperwork? 

We’ll help you be prepared, and our trusted customs brokers will walk you through each step based on the exact shipment.