FEAST Global Representing Clients in India During USDA Agricultural Trade Mission

FEAST Global is pleased to announce that we’ve been selected to participate in the upcoming USDA Agricultural Trade Mission (ATM) to Delhi, India on April 22 - 25, 2024. Chief Executive Officer, Chef Andy Chapman, and Chief Operating Officer Marianna Chapman will represent several FEAST Global clients including Georgia Pecan Commission, New Hampshire Maple and Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, particularly Virginia’s distilled spirits, apple and seafood sectors, seeking to open doors on their behalf for new export sales to India. This USDA trade mission is a golden opportunity for U.S. agribusinesses to dive into the vast opportunities waiting in one of the globe's most vibrant economies.

Why India?

In their recent press release regarding the India ATM, Alexis Taylor, USDA Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs said, “India represents a growth economy for U.S. agribusinesses seeking to capture an increasing share of the household food purchases in the fifth-largest economy in the world.” 

As we have highlighted in previous posts, India's growing economy and expanding middle class represent a frontier of opportunities for American agricultural excellence. The country's rising consumer base is increasingly drawn to the quality and innovation that U.S. agribusinesses have to offer, especially in healthy foods and beverage categories, a trend highlighted by an 11% growth in U.S. agricultural exports to India over the last two years. The easing of trade barriers and tariffs by India on key U.S. exports, including poultry products, vegetables, fruits, pulses, and tree nuts opens doors for American farmers, ranchers and producers to secure new purchase agreements. With business conducted in English, rapid modernization of food supply chains and a warm business environment welcoming of westerners, India’s stage is set for American business success. 

What FEAST Global Brings to the Table

As an international trade promotions and matchmaking firm with offices in India, FEAST Global will apply our culinary expertise, market insights and business acumen on behalf of clients to identify new sales opportunities and the most efficient pathway to sales success. During one on one business meetings and other networking opportunities during the trade mission, FEAST Global will connect buyers with U.S. based suppliers in real time, laying groundwork for optimal and efficient sales success. In addition, FEAST Global will also be providing technical assistance and guidance to additional FEAST Global partners who will be attending the event. As a firm committed to representing a limited selection of premium products, FEAST Global has quickly established a reputation grounded in authenticity and integrity, giving buyers and culinary professionals in India confidence to trust us to guide them to products that match the diversified needs of their discerning customers and their commitments to quality, sustainability and innovation in India’s transforming marketplace. 

USDA’s investment in this India trade mission is a testament to the growing significance of the Indian market in the global economic landscape. FEAST Global is committed to setting new standards for success in this dynamic market by fostering immediate business deals and laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and mutual prosperity between U.S. agribusinesses and the Indian market.

Follow us on social media to follow our work during this USDA Agricultural Trade Mission. For more detailed information on the trade mission and a broader overview of participating companies and the broader U.S. delegation, please refer to the official USDA news release.