Expand Your Food Business Globally and Increase Export Sales Today with FEAST Global


Welcome to FEAST Global, your trusted partner in global culinary strategy development and promotions. We specialize in helping food businesses expand their global reach and increase export sales through targeted culinary promotions.

  • With in-market offices and representation in Latin America (Mexico), India, and Asia, we are a U.S. based company with a global reach. 
  • We specialize in culinary matchmaking on a global scale, working with culinary buyers for whom price is not the only consideration in their buying decision. Health, nutrition, safety, product story, flavor profile, and more are also key factors.

The FEAST Global community comprises thousands of buyers with over $5.8 billion in annual food buyer power that spans the globe. We are dedicated to helping you connect with these buyers and grow your business through targeted culinary promotions.


Book a discovery call with us today to discuss how to expand your global reach and increase your export sales with FEAST Global’s culinary promotions. 

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FEAST Global Services Include: 

  • Global culinary strategy development and consulting
  • Foreign market digital media strategy, including influencer engagement and content development
  • Menu promotions
  • Trade seminars, sampling events & foodservice promotions
  • Inbound trade missions and immersive culinary tours
  • Virtual and hybrid trade and sales meetings
  • Trade and business lead development
  • Market analysis and trade strategy for culinary products
  • New exporter training and support
  • Specialized services tailored to small and medium sized exporters
  • Deal troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Product market fit and matchmaking