Embracing Culinary Influences in the Post-Pandemic Era

October 20, 2023 Buyers

In today's ever-evolving culinary landscape, the role of chefs has transcended the kitchen and ventured into uncharted territories. Culinary professionals, once confined to the realms of recipe creation and cooking techniques, have become powerful influencers shaping food culture in ways we couldn't have foreseen. As we navigate the post-pandemic era, it's time to truly embrace the immense potential that chefs bring to the table, especially when it comes to global trade promotions.


The Shift in Food Purchases: From Retail to Foodservice

One of the significant transformations that have occurred, especially in first-world countries, is the shift in food purchasing patterns. More food is now bought in foodservice outlets than in traditional retail stores. It's a monumental change that underscores the influence chefs wield over the choices we make when dining out. They are no longer just cooking for us; they're human personalities (not a retail store brand) who curate our food choices with the power of human relationships and social media to amplify these relationships around the clock. 


Chefs as Influencers: Beyond the Kitchen

Chefs are no longer confined to the walls of their restaurants. They've become influential voices in the culinary world and beyond. Their expertise extends beyond the perfect sear on a steak or the delicate balance of flavors in a sauce. They now hold sway over what ingredients grace our plates, what cuisines we explore, and even the cultural significance of our meals.


The Authenticity Quotient: Pay to Play vs. Genuine Passion

Five years ago, it may have been possible to pay chefs for their endorsement and have them promote your product. However, times have changed. Culinary professionals who can be bought have lost respect from their colleagues, leading to low engagement and minimal return on investment for your product and promotional efforts. Sure there are plenty of chefs who would disagree with this statement, and with tightening margins in their restaurants, no one blames them for taking advantage of these opportunities. 

However, the truth remains that humans are drawn to authentic relationships and experiences. And the shine has worn off of the influencer marketplace. We strongly recommend a shift away from scenarios that rely on "pay to play" professional representation of your product, with a few exceptions. Compensation for using a chef's image in major media campaigns, such as television ads, and covering ordinary expenses or consultative fees for sharing professional advice (rather than being a mere spokesperson for your product) are obvious exceptions.


The Authenticity of Ingredient Passion

The good news is that there's an abundance of chefs who genuinely value new ingredients and are eager to share their enthusiasm with their colleagues. These chefs are willing to spotlight your ingredient on their menu, showcase it in their creations, and share their experiences on social media. Their authenticity resonates with both their peers and diners, creating a genuine buzz around your product. It’s our privilege to be the leader in connecting ingredients to chefs and culinary professionals that are a great match and can be passionate about discovering your ingredient! 


Culinary Connections: Chefs as Multinational Influencers

This is a very important shift and leverage point that will define success in the global trade symphony in coming years. Chefs are well-connected on a multinational scale. They actively seek opportunities to expand their horizons, collaborate with peers, and participate in culinary events, dinners, and initiatives that transcend geographical boundaries. They often work across multiple countries simultaneously, influencing colleagues and diners worldwide.

As we embrace culinary influences in the post-pandemic era, it's crucial to recognize the pivotal role chefs play in shaping food culture - around the world. Their authenticity, passion, and influence extend far beyond the kitchen, making them indispensable partners in promoting and elevating ingredients and culinary experiences.

In a world where more food is consumed outside our homes, where dining experiences are curated by culinary professionals, and where authenticity matters more than ever, it's time to fully embrace the culinary influences that drive our food choices. At FEAST Global, we pride ourselves on boasting an extensive network of personal relationships with award-winning, high-profile, and respected culinary professionals across the U.S. and around the world. These passionate chefs are eager to discover new ingredients and collaborate with like-minded colleagues to expand culinary horizons for everyone. 

Let's collaborate with these culinary visionaries who are not just chefs but culinary influencers, and together, we can create a culinary symphony that transcends borders and captivates the world to increase the value of your product in the global marketplace. 

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