Success Report: Virginia Alcobev Inbound Trade Mission Co-hosted by FEAST Global and Argyle PR

The inaugural Virginia Alcobev Inbound Trade Mission, co-hosted by FEAST Global and Argyle PR, was a resounding success. Over four exciting days from October 17 to 20, buyers hailing from Mexico and Canada embarked on a journey through Virginia's thriving alcobev industry. This event aimed to increase international sales of Virginia-produced craft beers, fine wines, and distilled spirits, all while solidifying Virginia as the "birthplace of American spirits" and America's original wine-growing region.

Where & What Happened

Buyers had the privilege of participating in tours and sales meetings with some of Virginia's finest suppliers. The picturesque settings of Virginia Beach, Richmond, and Charlottesville served as the backdrop for this trade mission.

From distilled spirits to wine and craft beer, Virginia showcased its diversity and excellence in the alcobev industry. The immersive tours allowed buyers to witness the craft and passion of Virginia producers behind these exceptional products.

Why It Matters

The purpose of the Virginia Alcobev Inbound Trade Mission was twofold: to bolster international sales of Virginia-produced alcobev and to increase awareness of Virginia's pivotal role in the history of American spirits and winemaking. Virginia's historic significance and its modern prowess in the alcobev sector make it an ideal partner for international buyers seeking high-quality products.

Who Were the Buyers

The buyers who participated in this mission were no ordinary group. They were decision-makers with the power to import and distribute fine wines, distilled spirits, and international craft beers to hotels, restaurants, bars, and retailers across Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. This means that the connections formed during this event hold the potential to significantly impact Virginia's alcobev exports in these regions.

Achievements and Impact

The results of the trade mission were nothing short of exceptional. FEAST Global reports the following success from our buyers*: 

  • 25 Successful Meetings for FEAST Global buyers: Buyers engaged in a remarkable 25 separate meetings with Virginia suppliers. These connections laid the foundation for potential partnerships and business opportunities.
  • Tours and Immersive Experiences: The six distillery, winery, and brewery tours were a highlight of the mission. Buyers were able to witness the craftsmanship and tradition that goes into producing Virginia's alcobev products.
  • 13 Prospective Partnerships: The ultimate goal of these meetings was to foster relationships between buyers and Virginia suppliers. Impressively, thirteen Virginia companies are now under consideration for future business collaborations with FEAST Global’s buyers.
  • Special Thanks: A special mention goes to Commissioner Joe Guthrie for hosting a dinner for the group in Richmond, further cementing the positive relationships established during the mission.
  • The FEAST Global Chef Network: Chef Kisha Moore from Norfolk and Chef Craig Perkinston from Richmond went above and beyond to support Virginia's alcobev industry. Their dedication and hospitality showcased Virginia's warmth and charm.

In a remarkable North American collaboration with Argyle PR, the success of the Virginia Alcobev Inbound Trade Mission has set a high bar. The Virginia Alcobev Inbound Trade Mission was a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential for growth in the alcobev industry. The partnerships forged and connections made during this event are poised to boost Virginia's alcobev exports and place the state firmly on the global alcobev map. 

*Additional results available from Argyle PR regarding buyers from Canada.