Unlock New Sales in Mexico at Livek Expo

Are you ready to unlock new opportunities for your exports? FEAST Global is thrilled to partner with Livek Foodservice, the fastest-growing food and alcoholic beverage distributor in one of the world's hottest tourism markets. As Livek Foodservice continues to expand its portfolio of premium food items offered to resorts and restaurants in the region, we invite you to join the FEAST Global booth at the Livek Expo, a prestigious trade show specifically targeting culinary decision makers.

At the Livek Expo, FEAST Global has secured premium booth space exclusively for showcasing your products to hundreds of culinary professionals. With the Mexican Caribbean experiencing record-breaking numbers of international visitors, the demand for high-quality foods and beverages is on the rise. This expo stands as one of the most highly anticipated food and beverage events of the year in the region, presenting a golden opportunity for you to secure new buyers for your products south of the border.

Livek is growing quickly  and manages their food imports in-house, which means they are well-equipped to handle the import and distribution process for new exporters. They also have a brand new license to distribute beer, wine, and spirits! Additionally, they have a consolidation warehouse located in Laredo, ensuring that U.S. exporters can get their products into Mexico quickly and efficiently. With a focus on meeting the ever growing culinary demands of this popular destination, this distributor is an excellent partner for anyone looking to establish a long-term relationship in this market. 


Dates: September 21-22, 2023

Location: Cancun, Mexico *

Early Bird Registration Deadline: July 21, 2023 ** (Save $1500 when you register early!)

Registration Deadline: August 11, 2023 ** 

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As we outlined in our previous blog post, there are lots of reasons to export to the Mexican Caribbean


Mexican Caribbean Tourism and Export Market Insights:


  • Record-breaking 19 million visitors welcomed in 2022, with increasing numbers expected this year.
  • Cancun International Airport, the primary gateway, experienced a 27.3% increase in international arrivals in the first two months of 2023 compared to 2022.
  • Non-resident international arrivals at Cancun International Airport surged by 46.8% in the previous year, surpassing pre-pandemic levels.
  • Average daily spend and length of stay have significantly risen compared to 2019 figures.
  • Mexican Caribbean boasts 1,314 operational hotels with 125,481 rooms, maintaining a general average occupancy rate of 72%.
  • The U.S. represents the largest tourist market, contributing approximately 60% of visitors, with a 19% increase in 2022.


Mexico: A Thriving Export Market for U.S. Companies:

  • Mexico offers a favorable export environment for U.S. businesses, benefiting from a long land border and a Free Trade Agreement eliminating duties on agricultural and food products.
  • Mexican importers are familiar with U.S. business practices, while Mexican consumers recognize U.S. brands as synonymous with consistent quality and value.
  • U.S. agricultural product exports to Mexico have quintupled over the past 25 years, positioning it as the second-largest export market for the U.S., surpassing China.
  • With a remarkable average export growth of 22% in the last five years and $29 billion in exports recorded in 2022 (highest since the USMCA), now is the opportune time to explore this thriving market.


Tap into the Mexican Caribbean's tourism boom and leverage Mexico's strong export market to drive your business forward. Capitalize on the growing demand and build successful partnerships today. Contact FEAST Global today to learn nore about how to reach this hungry market at the Livek Expo. 


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